Para Siempre

In her last In the Heights blog post, Georgeara encompasses the feeling everyone had: the comparison from the beginning of rehearsals to the last show, the excitement of the gift LTGI was able to provide for Laredo, the sadness of knowing the last words of the last show is our heartfelt goodbye to Washington Heights. I’m Home.

Behind Closed Curtains

LTGI’s Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, discusses the production team for In the Heights. They are volunteers who make the show possible, but who don’t get to bow at the end of the show.

Behind the Scenes

LTGI’s Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, describes the chaotic, but structured and meticulously choreographed environment of the In the Heights backstage crew.

Finding a Piece of Home…

LTGI’s Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, examines In the Heights’ relatable characters and plot points, and how anyone can find a piece of home in Washington Heights.

Opening Weekend

LTGI’s Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, recollects the excitement and buzz of opening weekend of In the Heights in Laredo, Texas.

From NJ to LTX

LTGI Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, writes about Gregory Banks, who plays Benny in In the Heights. She covers his experiences that took him into the world of musical theatre and brought him from New Jersey to Laredo, Texas.

Get to Know Nina Rosario

LTGI’s Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, introduces Nina Rosario from In the Heights. She is the one who made it out of the barrio, but struggles with the expectations placed on her shoulders.

A Crash Course in Salsa

LTGI’s Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, recounts the intense choreography rehearsals and the meaning that salsa, and other Latin dance styles, bring to In the Heights.

Filming in the Streets of Laredo

LTGI’s Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, recollects the fun and energetic experience of the In the Heights cast and production team filming for their promo video on the streets of Downtown Laredo, Texas!

Broadway and Spoken Word?

LTGI Intern, Georgeara Castañeda explores the fascinating relationship between spoken word and musical theatre that Lin-Manuel Miranda has initiated in his creations. She relates this relationship back to Chibbi Orduña, a successful slam poet, who is playing Usnavi in In the Heights.


LTGI Intern, Georgeara Castañeda, documents what captivates, inspires, and even challenges her during her first summer as part LTGI’s In the Heights company!

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