I’m compelled to describe my being awestruck by the production and the performance of the cast in LTGI’s interpretation of Broadway’s  Beauty and the Beast. The music was transcending as were the actors, props, costumes and stage crew. I travelled over three hundred miles (one way) to see my son’s performance. Granted, I was a bit biased by the fact that he was part of the cast but more important is the fact that he has always expressed a passion for the guild and their endeavors. His first experience with LTGI was as a cast member in the guild’s production of The Who’s Rock Opera Tommy. I was in high school when the production was first released on the cinematic screen. Many, many years ago. Imagine my chagrin when I learned that my son, more than a decade later from the movie’s release, would be given the role of “Cousin Fred.”
From his accounts of past and present experiences with LTGI, I knew that the production would be marvelous. But,  I could not come close to imagining the reality of the magic that unfolded before my eyes and ears when attending the production of B&B. I was transfixed.  Thank you LGTI for providing a platform that allows the unleashing of expressive,  creative and artistic minds. Your efforts allow generations to embrace, express and unleash a passion for the arts.
Kudos to all and thank you for the experience.
Most sincerely,
Alina Matlock.
(Proud mother of Tommy’s ‘Cousin Fred’ and Beauty and the Beast’s ‘Lumiere.’—”that’s my boy!”)


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