Advice for Auditionees

1.Your goal at auditions should be to show us what you can do, your voice and your energy, your ability to connect and engage, your strength and versatility, and your intelligence as a performer.  The goal of the director and the production team at auditions is to match performers with specific roles, and sometimes we will be looking for characteristics that are not in the auditionees control.  The casting outcome of an audition should not be taken as a judgment on the ability or the potential of any auditionee.

2.When preparing an audition song, if you cant pick a number from the show, at least pick something in the musical style of the show and in a style and character appropriate to the role or roles that most interest you, in addition to picking a song that shows off your voice and your performing ability.  If your song is long and builds to a climax, consider starting your audition performance near the end of the song so you dont get cut off before you hit that high note.

3.Be sure to practice your audition song the way you will perform it at the audition.  If you intend to bring sheet music for the audition pianist, find a pianist to practice with.  If you intend to use recorded accompaniment, practice with that, but be sure to bring equipment with you so that we can also hear the accompaniment when you sing.  You can also sing without accompaniment if you choose.  It will make a much better impression if you memorize your song and dont need to follow the notes or the words while you are singing.

4.It is natural to be nervous at auditions.  Successful auditionees learn to use that nervous energy to charge up their audition performance.  If youre about to sing or read or otherwise perform and youre feeling overwhelmed, please feel free to take a moment or two to catch your breath and regain your focus.  Its a good idea to practice doing exactly that when you prepare for your audition.  Everyone on the production team has been an auditionee at one time and will understand what youre going through.

5.If the director makes a suggestion while youre singing or reading, its a good sign it means were interested in you.  Listen carefully and do your very best to follow the directors instructions when you read or sing again.  The ability to take direction and improve from it is an important quality we look for in auditionees.  The ability to listen and follow instructions is also a large factor in dance auditions.

6.Auditioning is a skill like any other.  The best way to get good at it is to do it as often as you can.

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