Character Descriptions:


Vivian Bearing, Ph.D.

Age: 45-60 years old

Professor of English Literature and noted expert on the English poet John Donne, recently diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer


Harvey Kelekian, M.D.

Age: 45-60 years old

Chief of Medical Oncology at the hospital and lead investigator in a research trial of a new drug protocol to treat ovarian cancer


Jason Posner, M.D.

Age: 25-35 years old

A clinical fellow under the supervision of Dr. Kelekian, interested in the study of cancer and the effect of the new drug protocol on treating tumors


Susie Monahan, R.N.

Age ~ 25-35 years old

Vivian’s primary care nurse on the oncology unit


E.M. Ashford, Ph.D.

Age ~ 70+ years old

Scholar, Professor Emerita of English Literature, and mentor-teacher to Vivian when she was a graduate student


Mr. Bearing

Vivian’s father (Played by the same actor as Harvey Kelekian, M.D.)


Four actors play multiple roles

Age: 20-40 years old

Lab technicians, Clinical Fellows, students in a literature class, the hospital resuscitation Code Team

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